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Benefits of an objective movement assessment

The objective of the analysis of human movement is to quantify the function and structure of the muscle-skeletal system during the performance of a specific movement task, through the collection and recording of the movement.

This information will help us identify and quantify any alterations or limitations in people’s movement patterns, and achieve the correction of the same. For instance, from a clinical perspective, it could aid in the identification one of the causes of lumbar pain and, from a sports perspective, in correcting a sports motion in order to improve performance.

The most important factors and tools for conducting a movement analysis are the reliability of measurements, the processing methods that are used, the quickness and clarity in the generation of immediate and/or deferred reports. The above allows for the measurement of data for generation of the obtained analysis to be objective, eliminating any bias from the measurements obtained by the human eye and any difference in the analysis between evaluators and the registry, for a subsequent comparison of the results.

Through this objective analysis, we are able to identify any alterations in movement patterns leading to the disfunction of one or more body segments. If necessary, a more specific assessment will have to be conducted, defragmenting the pattern, and revealing the possible cause of these alterations (joint capsule, soft tissue, or motor control).

All of the above helps to establish a specific treatment program, based on the specific needs observed for each person. This is useful not only to assess people with injuries or pain, but also to determine the base condition of the individual who is set to begin exercising for the first time, in order to prevent a long-term injury.

If you intend to create a program that will adapt to your specific needs, it is key to conduct an objective movement assessment prior to beginning. These records, following the interventions, will contribute relevant data for the comparison of the obtained results.


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