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Move Check Running: the new platform by Aictive especially created for Runners

If you’re a runner, you understand. You understand the sensation of feeling each stride, of feeling the drive and each beat that facilitates a higher oxygenation to reach the goal. You understand the need for your knees, hips and torso to function in unison, without any discomfort, so that your running is fluid and enjoyable. 

We know that the goal of all runners is to cross the finish line, but, in parallel, among their challenges, they also seek to cross the finish line in good conditions, composed, without any injuries which could later cause problems. In short: runners want to cross the line and don’t want to stop. However, to be able to do so, it is not enough to just hit the streets and train by running; a runner is an integral athlete and must consider him/herself as such. Bearing this in mind, a runner must take care of his/her daily and sporting habits, and his/her conducts, along with completing periodical assessments that will enable him/her – to the possible maximum extent – to prevent injuries and achieve his/her maximum development. 

Aictive has developed its own assessment and classification tool to support runners. Version 1.0 of Move Check Running is a platform which, through an algorithm created by artificial intelligence, evaluates the movements and records the sporting and lifestyle habits of runners, allowing the platform to early register the variables that will aid in the minimization and prevention of injuries, thus improving the athlete’s performance. 

Among the variables that are analysed and classified, we find lifestyle habits, which pertain to sleep, nutrition, smoking habits, and the control of chronic illnesses, among others. 

On the other hand, among sporting habits, we analyse the physical training undertaken to supplement running, as well as the athlete’s conduct when faced with injuries, if the runner has ever suffered or is suffering an injury, the use of proper footwear, and the time of use, among other factors. 

Regarding the movement assessment, this first version includes the analysis of four drills: Runner Pose, Single Leg Squat, Ankle Mobility, and Superman (rotary control). Each one of these exercises requires a specific mobility and control, which are similar to the mobility and control that running technique requires. The system recognizes the patterns by relying on rules, angles, and metrics. This allows the platform to read the movements and determine what items were executed properly and which were not, in order to provide feedback and recommendations on how to improve each evaluated movement pattern.

Move Check Running has now begun and this is the first version, v.1.0. By mid-2022, new patterns to evaluate should be added-on, along with other variables to analyse. Also, an assessment of the running technique on a treadmill and an assessment of the athlete’s jump will also be included; this will enable the recognition of asymmetries related to strength, the take-off phase, and shock absorption.

In order to accomplish all of the above, an entire team of engineers, developers, designers, physical therapists and doctors are jointly working to provide all runners with the best system for assessment, categorization and recommendations, that will allow athletes to reach the finish line at 100% of their capacity.

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If you’re a runner, or intend to begin running, we at Aictive invite you to try our platform and to live the Move Check Running experience. Undergo your first assessment with us and use it as the starting point to improve the quality of your movement when running, when practicing other sports, or during your daily life.

Take this chance and enter at the Aictive world today! We invite you to try Move Check Running here



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