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Value of movement assessments for trainers

Using the Move Check artificial intelligence platform, we are able to evaluate 6 patterns of human movement. These movements are the foundation of day-to-day activities and will allow you to properly execute your workout. Thanks to technology, Aictive has implemented movement assessment. This movement assessment lets us record and detect the adequacy of our movements, or what mistakes we are making when executing certain exercises.

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We care about movement! For this reason, we stop to evaluate the “base of the pyramid”. When we move correctly, we can continue working on other physical qualities, such as agility, coordination, strength, and power.

Knowing the mobility, stability, and motor control of certain movements will facilitate an objective planning of your training, decreasing the risk of suffering injuries caused by an incorrect execution and the subsequent overload during training.

The platform will display a final percentage, made up of the sum of the score assigned for each test, depending on how correctly they have been completed, and will specifically point out any movement errors. These results can either be used personally by you, or used by your coach or trainer.

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This has multiple benefits! Being able to use an objective and easily interpretable tool will let us progressively professionalize training, to assign the required importance to movement assessment, and thus accomplish our objectives.

Evaluate your movement patterns with Move Check and begin your training in the best possible way!


Igal Rovner

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